In the summer, I was riding in a black, expensive car, when suddenly, a irritated polar bear was flying straight at me!  He crashed into the car, and pulled off the car door next to me.  In fright, I tried to back away, but he grabbed with his sharp claws myshirt, and lifted me up in the air.  He snarled, and I thought that he really doesn't like me.  The polar bear raised his other paw, ready to attack.  I closed my eyes, and was ready to face pain...
     I suddenly woke up, and it was just a nightmare!  I just face palmed myself.

     Have you ever thought something was happening, but realized it was just a dream?

     I visit the theatre I performed as an actress even after my death.  But there's one problem: Only men can see me, but they get really spooked out during their patrol.  Once, I heard someone say that they have to fix this problem.
     Tonight, I returned to the theatre to see a lamp post left on.  The light was so bright that I began to disappear.  Then, a thought hit me.  They did this so they can make me go away.  Maybe I'm making the patrol men crazy.  I suddenly disappeared.
     A man came into the theatre seeing no ghosts and the light burned off.

     Have you ever had an experience where you saw a very bright light?  What caused the bright light?
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My 100 word story is in the picture.  Here is my question for you to answer:  Have you been in a situation where something or someone was missing?  How was it solved?

      Should there be recess at schools?  Which would you prefer to have? 
Recess at schools or no recess at all?  Well, I would love to share my
opinion: I think that schools should not have recess.
      One reason is that students should be able to handle 6 hours of work. 
Students like me love to have no distractions so our ideas in writing would stay in our heads.  Also, most students have more hours to rest and do
homework.  They can even do better work than before!  Some students
can do an essay in 20 minutes and it would be a passing grade.  That essay would at least get a B.
     Additionally, students would get hurt more in recess than any other time of the day.  What would happen is that students might become less careful while playing outside the school building.  Maybe, some students might think that recess is the perfect time to hurt other students.  I certainly think it’s not.  It’s actually one of the worst.  Also, some students can be so badly injured that they need to go to the hospital.  It’s sad.
     Furthermore, recess can take some students’ minds off of the determination for learning.  I would think that some students might not pay attention to teachers when it is almost recess time.  I feel kind of bad for them because they get so distracted very often.  Students might miss out on valuable information to do their homework, so they get low grades on their homework.  They are lucky that homework is only 10% of your grade.  Some students, for some reason, might not follow their teacher’s
     So why do we have it?  Why have recess when students have summer
vacation?  It does not make any sense to me at all.

     Liberty Science Center.  I went there just 4 days ago, and there was a lot to see and a lot to do.  There was also a lot to learn there.
     First, we went in the subway car where we learned about diseases like malaria and HIV.  There was a man that got malaria and he had to take medicine that fight off the disease.  Then, there was a woman in Zimbabwe who had HIV, and lost everything in her house.  She lost a container of clean water for her son, so she had to breastfeed him.  She thought that if she breastfed her son, he would get HIV as well.  But there were organizations that helped the woman by giving her medication, food, and shelter.  She was relieved to know that her son didn't get HIV.
     Next, we did an experiment about identifying which blood sample has a virus.  First, we had negative and positive controls, which tell you the result of the experiment and the droppers.  We also had blood samples 1, 2, and 3 with droppers.  We had to put 5 drops in each well, and we can't let the samples mix.  Next, we put in beads so the samples that have the virus stick to the beads.  Then, we put 2 drops of antibodies so they would fight the virus.  Finally, we put one drop of indicator so the samples with the virus would change color.  Samples 2 and the positive controls had the viruses.
     Finally, we watched TURTLE VISION 2: SAMMY'S ESCAPE.  The hidden message is that humans shouldn't poach or pollute sea turtles and their environment, because in the movie, the 2 sea turtles were put into a place where humans were trying to save the fish and sea turtles, but the fish wanted to escape.  The place began to feel like a prison to the fish, and the last method they tried to do was act dead.  They didn't need to pretend, because some fish can't survive any longer in the polluted water. The humans saw that the fish were dying in the water, so they decided to let them go.
     So, my trip was educational, but it was fun nonetheless.  I recommend you should go there if you want to learn more about science.
Have you ever went to a place and thought it was superbly spectacular?  What were your likes and dislikes about that place?

Liberty Science Center by drocpsu, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic License  by  drocpsu 
      What’s wrong with me?  I dishonored my family, hurt my best friend’s feelings, and now I’m talking to a ghost!  He's saying that I have a very unfortunate future ahead of me, and said I had done many things I can classify as regrettable.  Why is this happening to me?  All I have is a knack for trouble!  The ghost also said that to change my fate, I must be more careful in life than before.  All I have to say is: I’m glad the ghost went away because as the sun came out, I was sobbing in my sleep.
If you have a blog, do you have a 100 word story that consists of the words "as the sun came out?"
     Kari loved to go hunting.  She goes hunting with her father every chance she got.  Her family needs to go hunting because that's the only food source in the forest.  One day Kari went hunting for birds and she struck good fortune.  There was an enormous flock of birds flying overhead.  Kari discovered some bread in her pocket and threw it on the grassy ground.  The birds swooped down and began eating the bread.  When the birds were on the ground, Kari found a net and threw it onto the birds, trapping them.  Kari grabbed the net and strolled home.
If you own a blog, do you have a 100 word story that consists of the words "the birds swooped down and?"
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     If you are a well-known paleontologist, then DON'T read this blog post.
     I don't expect paleontologists to view my blog, but maybe they may come across my blog accidentally.  Anyway, I've got some knowledge now from my latest adventure, Field Station: Dinosaurs, in New Jersey.  It was a VERY long trip, that's all I can say about the ride there.  Then, it was really hot for a Friday, because we all had to wear shorts!  It was about 90 degrees!  But the grueling amount of exercise and the huge amount of time spent outdoors was worth it.  There was a presentation inside a tent!  And here's the great thing about the atmosphere in the tent: It had air conditioning!  Also, in the presentation, there was a enormous, gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex!  The students all around me were squealing with fright for they were paranoid that the T-Rex's tail will hit their heads!  I thought that it was a funny moment!  Then, there was a tour with robotic- engineered dinosaurs.  At least there is something that is very interesting while we hike around the station (or park?  I don't know what to call the place).  We were walking for hours, and we had to eat.  We ate later than usual, because it was 12:30 when we ate.  We passed through the gift shop and I was the only one to answer a question the guide asked.  Then, we went back into our buses and headed to our school.  I learned some facts, too.  

     The state dinosaur of New Jersey is the Hadrosaurus, and that was my answer for the question the guide asked.  Hadrosaurus is Greek for "sturdy lizard."
     The Brontosaurus never existed.  There are many websites that state that.  One website is called, and it says that a scientist put the wrong skull on an Apatosaurus fossil.  I learned that from the guide that said "The Brontosaurus had the wrong head.  
     Carnivores eat meat, so they have sharp teeth, accompanied by sharp claws used for hunting.  Herbivores eat plants, so they have flat teeth, used for grinding up plants.  
     The descendants of dinosaurs might be birds. I think that it may make sense because some dinosaurs fly and eat fish, and many birds fly and eat fish as well. That is my own theory, so it might not be true.  
     Copralite is dinosaur feces. I found that disgusting, so if a person asks you to touch copralite, you now know what it is.
     I hope you've learned some new facts about dinosaurs.  Maybe you can use that in writing one day.  What do you know about dinosaurs?

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     This story continues to the scene where there is Tori, the guilt-stricken best friend of Tammy.  "Tammy, I'm so sorry that I couldn't save you," Tori says to herself.  "I should have came faster so I could've lured that man away!  Oh well, I'll never get the chance to get you back.  I-"
     CRASH!  A little sparrow flew into her room, carrying a little letter on it's leg.  "Hmm," said Tori.  "I guess Tammy still likes the Harry Potter series.  I knew she wanted to try bird post."  Tori opened the letter and had gasped.  Tammy had written a poem for Tori to figure out so Tori can get her out of imprisonment.  A logic poem.  "Wow," Tori said. "She really thinks I'm as smart as Hermione from the Harry Potter series?  She sent me a logic poem to figure out!  How will I ever figure this out?"  
Dearest best friend,
How will this pain ever end?
Alas, it is a most terrible time
Where I am in an abandoned house of grime.
So you must save me,
And I will be free
To stray from the path
Of a man's never-ending wrath.
You must receive these letters with care
Or else I will be trapped  in the prison that is bare.
So figure out what lies within
Of the letter's cold grin
For it may be the last action
You will ever do for me before the interaction
Of you and the insane man
When to this house you ran.
The man will steal what you will miss
And you will sorely remember it with bliss.
So please don't let him, for my sake
Take what you will miss and toss it in the lake
For that is your only hope,
And without it you will mope
Because you haven't saved me
And just let the insane man be.
     "No!" yelled Tori.  "It's hopeless!  I can't figure this out!  Wait a minute!  'Abandoned house of grime?  Prison that is bare?  Before the interaction of you and the insane man?  Take what you miss and toss it in the lake?  For that is your only hope?'  Tammy's in an abandoned house that has a prison that has nothing in it!  That may be where she is!  And the abandoned house is near the lake!  Wait, the man will steal what I will sorely miss... I think it might be a key for Tammy's cell!  It might be the only thing to get Tammy out!  But I shouldn't let him steal it from me and toss it in the lake because it's my only hope of getting Tammy out.  The only problem is... Where can I get the key?"
     To be continued...
     “Wake up turkeys!” said Old McDonald as he entered the barn. James
opened one eye and said, ”Can’t I sleep for five more minutes?”
     “Of course not James. You have to eat!” McDonald said.  “And anyway, you’re going to have breakfast with Ashley, aren’t you?”
"Oh no!” James said as he stood up and looked at the clock that was conviently near his location. “It’s 8:25! I don’t have that much time to get to the feeding pen! What will I do?”
     “Well, it’s simple," said McDonald. "Stop talking and start running!”
     It was a long way for a turkey like James.  Even though it was along way, James sprinted there like it was nothing.  When he got there,he saw Ashley sobbing. “What’s wrong Ash?” James asked. “I’m going to be Thanksgiving Diner!” Ashley said, “Why do I deserve this?”
     “Ash, you don’t deserve this. That’s why I’m taking your spot.” James said.“I’ll miss you little sis.”  Suddenly, a person grabbed James and puts him into a cage.  The truck was going to a butcher shop, where he will be served as Thanksgiving Diner.
     When he arrived there, he was placed on a table.  The butcher was going to chop James’s head off!  Luckily, James escaped with his head still on. He remembered the way to his barn. When he arrived, Ashley said, “You’re here!” Ashley was overjoyed.  James was tired of running.  But now, they still have a happy life ahead of them.

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