What classes do you think you should add to your school?  I think we should add chemistry to my school’s curriculum.  I would personally love to at least experience how this class is like.  I just would!

     Chemistry sounds interesting to me.  Maybe I can mix some substances together to make another substance (of course, with teacher supervision).  Or, I can see if diamonds can really last forever.  Even better, I can examine plants and dissect owl pellets to see what the owl ate before coughing this out.  If I want to know the answers, I’m going to have to find them myself instead of asking any teachers.  I can’t be a doctor or a scientist without having the habit to search for answers.  I want to be successful in life by having a good career in my lively hood.  Chemistry is very similar to science.  I would really have fun with dissecting owl pellets.

     Sadly, I think we won’t have chemistry until high school, maybe.  Until that, however, I will not stop imagining what chemistry would be like.

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