If you are a well-known paleontologist, then DON'T read this blog post.
     I don't expect paleontologists to view my blog, but maybe they may come across my blog accidentally.  Anyway, I've got some knowledge now from my latest adventure, Field Station: Dinosaurs, in New Jersey.  It was a VERY long trip, that's all I can say about the ride there.  Then, it was really hot for a Friday, because we all had to wear shorts!  It was about 90 degrees!  But the grueling amount of exercise and the huge amount of time spent outdoors was worth it.  There was a presentation inside a tent!  And here's the great thing about the atmosphere in the tent: It had air conditioning!  Also, in the presentation, there was a enormous, gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex!  The students all around me were squealing with fright for they were paranoid that the T-Rex's tail will hit their heads!  I thought that it was a funny moment!  Then, there was a tour with robotic- engineered dinosaurs.  At least there is something that is very interesting while we hike around the station (or park?  I don't know what to call the place).  We were walking for hours, and we had to eat.  We ate later than usual, because it was 12:30 when we ate.  We passed through the gift shop and I was the only one to answer a question the guide asked.  Then, we went back into our buses and headed to our school.  I learned some facts, too.  

     The state dinosaur of New Jersey is the Hadrosaurus, and that was my answer for the question the guide asked.  Hadrosaurus is Greek for "sturdy lizard."
     The Brontosaurus never existed.  There are many websites that state that.  One website is called npr.org, and it says that a scientist put the wrong skull on an Apatosaurus fossil.  I learned that from the guide that said "The Brontosaurus had the wrong head.  
     Carnivores eat meat, so they have sharp teeth, accompanied by sharp claws used for hunting.  Herbivores eat plants, so they have flat teeth, used for grinding up plants.  
     The descendants of dinosaurs might be birds. I think that it may make sense because some dinosaurs fly and eat fish, and many birds fly and eat fish as well. That is my own theory, so it might not be true.  
     Copralite is dinosaur feces. I found that disgusting, so if a person asks you to touch copralite, you now know what it is.
     I hope you've learned some new facts about dinosaurs.  Maybe you can use that in writing one day.  What do you know about dinosaurs?

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