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Fire safety is important.  It is essential for everyone to know how to act when there is a fire in your house (hopefully there wouldn't be a fire in your house). Nobody wants to leave a person in the house left to burn, so fire safety is important!

The most recognized method to putting off a fire is to extinguish it by lots of water.  One common method to putting out a fire on yourself is to stop, drop, and roll.  You should have recognized exits from your house already.

I hope no one becomes victims of fire burning up your house.  Remember, 

Stop, Drop, and Roll!

05/27/2013 7:06pm

Dear Isabelle,
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I loved your introduction because it was interesting and catchy! I also liked your great choice of words like essential and extinguish instead of using plain and boring words. I don't really have any recommendations for you!
Sincerely,your classmate,
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