Ah… I love referencing quotes, and the quote in the title is one of them.  When I mean ‘Go to the Road Less Traveled’, I mean the path to becoming a superhero!  As you can see, there ism’t any superheroes living in the world, but now, now is the time for a superhero!

Directions,  directions, so much directions!  Finally you stumble upon important ones.  These directions, or steps, as I would say, should never be in the sight of evil.  You must follow these steps exactly as I say and you must never ask any questions.  If you don’t heed my words, however, if I have to say it this way: You gonna get it good!  

I finally move onto the steps!  Don’t fall asleep on me yet!  Anyway, first things first, you must hike up to Mount Everest and retrieve the ice crystals buried in the snow on the top of the mountain.  It will be put into a potion.  

Next, you must get the needles from the largest cactus in the Sahara desert.  It will be put into the potion too.

Hey, are you still awake?  Ahem.  Then, you shall proceed to catch a super-powered dog that is able to do anything that Superman can do. Let the dog bite you because it will give you super powers later on.  

Now, you may feel a little dizzy because the dog bit you, so you have to brew a potion that includes the ice crystals and the needles and you’re going to have to mix them with eagle feathers and sugar.  Sugar HAS to be added not because the potion would taste horrible, but it would stop the ingredients to hurt your body.

When you are done brewing the potion, drink it.  The dizziness will stop.  Now you have to just wait until you pass out.

You simply just wake up.  Wipe off the drool on your face and walk around your house: it will set your mind straight.

Then you try out your new-found powers.  Yes, you have super powers and don’t get too excited.  At this point you have to make a costume and a name for your superhero identity.  

Let the justice commence!  You go outside with your costume on and look for robberies and other dangerous acts of evil. 

Optional step: You should find a sidekick to aid you in your adventures.


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