“Wake up turkeys!” said Old McDonald as he entered the barn. James
opened one eye and said, ”Can’t I sleep for five more minutes?”
     “Of course not James. You have to eat!” McDonald said.  “And anyway, you’re going to have breakfast with Ashley, aren’t you?”
"Oh no!” James said as he stood up and looked at the clock that was conviently near his location. “It’s 8:25! I don’t have that much time to get to the feeding pen! What will I do?”
     “Well, it’s simple," said McDonald. "Stop talking and start running!”
     It was a long way for a turkey like James.  Even though it was along way, James sprinted there like it was nothing.  When he got there,he saw Ashley sobbing. “What’s wrong Ash?” James asked. “I’m going to be Thanksgiving Diner!” Ashley said, “Why do I deserve this?”
     “Ash, you don’t deserve this. That’s why I’m taking your spot.” James said.“I’ll miss you little sis.”  Suddenly, a person grabbed James and puts him into a cage.  The truck was going to a butcher shop, where he will be served as Thanksgiving Diner.
     When he arrived there, he was placed on a table.  The butcher was going to chop James’s head off!  Luckily, James escaped with his head still on. He remembered the way to his barn. When he arrived, Ashley said, “You’re here!” Ashley was overjoyed.  James was tired of running.  But now, they still have a happy life ahead of them.

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