Kari loved to go hunting.  She goes hunting with her father every chance she got.  Her family needs to go hunting because that's the only food source in the forest.  One day Kari went hunting for birds and she struck good fortune.  There was an enormous flock of birds flying overhead.  Kari discovered some bread in her pocket and threw it on the grassy ground.  The birds swooped down and began eating the bread.  When the birds were on the ground, Kari found a net and threw it onto the birds, trapping them.  Kari grabbed the net and strolled home.
If you own a blog, do you have a 100 word story that consists of the words "the birds swooped down and?"
Dubois, Jude. flock_geese.jpg. January 1, 2011. Pics4Learning. 4 Jun 2013

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