1. Favorite food- Malasadas!  Malasadas are Portuguese doughnuts with no hole and glazed with sugar!  I tried them at Hawaii from Leonard Jr.'s Bakery, and I can eat two dozen!  They are sweet, delicious, and I recommend any of you who are going to Hawaii this summer to get malasadas!  Or, you can look at this recipe!

 2. Favorite colors- White and Black.  I like white and black pictures
because it just gives me that nostalgic feeling, and I also like outfits with
black and white.  I actually wore a black and white dress for my Musical
Theatre Recital.  Here is my blog post about that complete with my
mom's collage.

 3. Favorite season- Summer!  Even though I will miss school, I have free
time in the summer!  I can go swimming, ride on my scooter, and hit some golf balls in the park.  I would LOVE to go to San Francisco and see my family there!  Awesome!

 4. Favorite place- My room.  I store all my things in there and I can be
in my own space.  My room is the perfect place for daydreaming.
 Although it looks like a "jungle," I find it very comfortable to be in.

 5. Favorite subject- Math.  I think I'm better at math than at reading.
 I got a higher score on my math state test.  Anyway, math is the
subject my family is best at, really.  My brother got a perfect score on
his math state test, and I want to get a perfect score this year.

6. Favorite song- When I Was Your Man by Peter Gene Hernandez also known as Bruno Mars.  I love this song!  I sing it every day because atthe
time I sing it, I'm done with all my homework and I have nothing else to do.  I know every single note in the song, unlike other songs.  Here is a video of Bruno Mars singing it on the Voice.

 7. Favorite blog post written by me- News Flash!  Ten Educational Games Found!  I feel like I did a lot of research for this blog post.  I think it is better than the Blog Nomination one because I wrote more and put
a little bit more work in this blog post.

 8. Favorite movie- Iron man 3.  It was awesome!  My overall
reaction to it is excited.  For those of you who did not see it, you NEED
to see it!  It is an awesome movie to watch!

 9. Favorite book series- Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling!  When I
read the first book, I became totally addicted and I even thought that my school may be similar to Hogwarts!  If you never read them, you SHOULD read them!  It is the best book I read in my life!



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