Should there be recess at schools?  Which would you prefer to have? 
Recess at schools or no recess at all?  Well, I would love to share my
opinion: I think that schools should not have recess.
      One reason is that students should be able to handle 6 hours of work. 
Students like me love to have no distractions so our ideas in writing would stay in our heads.  Also, most students have more hours to rest and do
homework.  They can even do better work than before!  Some students
can do an essay in 20 minutes and it would be a passing grade.  That essay would at least get a B.
     Additionally, students would get hurt more in recess than any other time of the day.  What would happen is that students might become less careful while playing outside the school building.  Maybe, some students might think that recess is the perfect time to hurt other students.  I certainly think it’s not.  It’s actually one of the worst.  Also, some students can be so badly injured that they need to go to the hospital.  It’s sad.
     Furthermore, recess can take some students’ minds off of the determination for learning.  I would think that some students might not pay attention to teachers when it is almost recess time.  I feel kind of bad for them because they get so distracted very often.  Students might miss out on valuable information to do their homework, so they get low grades on their homework.  They are lucky that homework is only 10% of your grade.  Some students, for some reason, might not follow their teacher’s
     So why do we have it?  Why have recess when students have summer
vacation?  It does not make any sense to me at all.

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