A girl whose family has perished in a disaster and has been imprisoned by an insane man, Tammy must write poems to her friend Tori so she can figure out where Tammy is and free her.  But there is one small problem: Tammy can't put information in a way that anybody can understand, or she'll get caught and be imprisoned for a longer time.  So, she has to depend on Tori to figure out the poem.  Will Tori figure the insane mans scheme, or will she let her friend become imprisoned forever?

     A girl is seen walking around the remains of her family's home burned to the ground.  She was crying because her family was nowhere to be seen.  Just then, a man walked toward the girl.  
     "Hmm, the Garsons finally get what they deserved," the man said, "Also, I see that they left their daughter as well."
     The girl, Tammy Garson, backed away from the man.  She had a petrified face on, as if the man will take her away.  She ran as fast as she could, but the man caught up to her.  Tammy took out her cell phone and began to text to her friend, Tori. "Trying to call for help, eh?" The man said. "Too bad she won't get the message!" Tammy sent the message, and she was scared that the man will get her before Tori comes. "Hmph!" Tammy said. "You need to get me first!"
"You brat!" Then the man gave chase to the clever girl. Tammy knows that Tori will come here any second know.
BEEP! Tammy recognized the honk of the horn. It was Tori! "TAMMY!" Yelled Tori. "We'll save you!"
"Clever girl. Too bad she wouldn't be of any help now!"
The man grabbed Tammy and carried her away...

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