"Home sweet home!" The man said. "You'll enjoy my home, Garson!"  Ever since he saw that Tammy was trying to escape from him, the man got fed up with her and started to call her by her last name, and Tammy hates that.  Anyway, the home wasn't enjoyable at all.  It had smelly furniture.  The walls were splattered with graffiti paint.  The home was so disgusting that Tammy wasn't sure the home was even fit for the man!  "Oh, so sorry, Garson!" said the man.  "I didn't know what your tastes were, so I gave you a disgusting home."  
     Huh, Tammy thought.  I guess he hates my family.  No matter.  I'll get out of here as soon as a month from now, not more.
     They went deeper into the house, and it became more prison-like.  Cells enclosed by creaky metal bars.  Messages written by marker saying 'GET ME OUT!'  It was a scary sight.  Tammy sadly figured out that the stay of the previous prisoners was like a decade, and she may have the same consequences.  "Please sir," she said finally.  "Please give me pens and paper.  With these, I will stay here and write poems until I die."
     The man scowled, but reluctantly gave her the supplies and went away.  Tammy immediately went to work, even though it will be the last thing she'll ever do...
     Thank you to everyone who has read the first part!  You have encouraged me to write another post!  Thank you also to all my classmates who have been reminding me to write another post!

05/21/2013 6:14pm

Dear Isabelle,

Ever since you decided to write about your story Tammy's Poems, I've been waiting everyday to read the next part of Tammy's Poems. I can imagine your writing when you're in middle school. I know you will write amazing stories. Hopefully you can continue writing more interesting stories.



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