This story continues to the scene where there is Tori, the guilt-stricken best friend of Tammy.  "Tammy, I'm so sorry that I couldn't save you," Tori says to herself.  "I should have came faster so I could've lured that man away!  Oh well, I'll never get the chance to get you back.  I-"
     CRASH!  A little sparrow flew into her room, carrying a little letter on it's leg.  "Hmm," said Tori.  "I guess Tammy still likes the Harry Potter series.  I knew she wanted to try bird post."  Tori opened the letter and had gasped.  Tammy had written a poem for Tori to figure out so Tori can get her out of imprisonment.  A logic poem.  "Wow," Tori said. "She really thinks I'm as smart as Hermione from the Harry Potter series?  She sent me a logic poem to figure out!  How will I ever figure this out?"  
Dearest best friend,
How will this pain ever end?
Alas, it is a most terrible time
Where I am in an abandoned house of grime.
So you must save me,
And I will be free
To stray from the path
Of a man's never-ending wrath.
You must receive these letters with care
Or else I will be trapped  in the prison that is bare.
So figure out what lies within
Of the letter's cold grin
For it may be the last action
You will ever do for me before the interaction
Of you and the insane man
When to this house you ran.
The man will steal what you will miss
And you will sorely remember it with bliss.
So please don't let him, for my sake
Take what you will miss and toss it in the lake
For that is your only hope,
And without it you will mope
Because you haven't saved me
And just let the insane man be.
     "No!" yelled Tori.  "It's hopeless!  I can't figure this out!  Wait a minute!  'Abandoned house of grime?  Prison that is bare?  Before the interaction of you and the insane man?  Take what you miss and toss it in the lake?  For that is your only hope?'  Tammy's in an abandoned house that has a prison that has nothing in it!  That may be where she is!  And the abandoned house is near the lake!  Wait, the man will steal what I will sorely miss... I think it might be a key for Tammy's cell!  It might be the only thing to get Tammy out!  But I shouldn't let him steal it from me and toss it in the lake because it's my only hope of getting Tammy out.  The only problem is... Where can I get the key?"
     To be continued...

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