I visit the theatre I performed as an actress even after my death.  But there's one problem: Only men can see me, but they get really spooked out during their patrol.  Once, I heard someone say that they have to fix this problem.
     Tonight, I returned to the theatre to see a lamp post left on.  The light was so bright that I began to disappear.  Then, a thought hit me.  They did this so they can make me go away.  Maybe I'm making the patrol men crazy.  I suddenly disappeared.
     A man came into the theatre seeing no ghosts and the light burned off.

     Have you ever had an experience where you saw a very bright light?  What caused the bright light?
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Miss Barnett Team 100WC
06/20/2013 1:59am

Hi Isabelle, Your story really interests me as I have never read a story written from a ghost point of view. There is something sad about your story, it makes me want to know more about the character.


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