My 100 word story is in the picture.  Here is my question for you to answer:  Have you been in a situation where something or someone was missing?  How was it solved?


Emma (100wc team)
06/16/2013 2:45pm

Hi Isabelle,

This is a great piece of writing and I'm glad the Night Zookeeper manages to solve the problem in the end.

I am always losing things but I've never had a problem with anything quite so big or important as an animal go missing.

Keep up the great writing!


Paul Huebl (Team 100WC)
06/17/2013 5:44am

Hi Isabelle,

I would love to go to a zoo where there was a pegasus! I certainly hope Ally was OK after getting eaten by the dragon! Remember that new speakers get a new line when you are using direct speech. I really like your blog!

Keep writing,

MR Paul Huebl (Team 100WC)
Year 6 Teacher
Adelaide, Australia


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