Which class blog do you think is the best in the Blog Roll?  I think the best one is the 26 Bay Bloggers.  They are the best class blog because they have a voki that explains how to comment on the blogs.  Many class blogs don’t have a single voki on their website.  Another feature is that they have a gadget that is a weather forecaster.  That weather forecaster forecasts the weather in Australia.   The also have a gadget named “The class dog” on their website.  They have “Book Week” in which each student chooses their favorite book and had their photo taken.  Pretty nice, huh?  But that’s not the end of it!  They had a blog post that they told me that they had a garden so they can plant fruits and veggies!  It would be nice if our school had a garden for planting fruits and veggies, right?

Also, which student blog is the best in 26 Bay Bloggers?  I would say Isobel’s Blog!  That’s because she has blog posts that describe her home and her pets, and boy, does she have a lot of them!  Anyway, she also has many little gadgets for me to play with!  There is a lava lamp, a voki, a ladybug note generator, and so much more!  It’s amazing for a third or fourth grader to have these things, right?  It just amazes me.

Now, how can we improve our blog?  I’m talking about Mrs. Vilas’s Fabulous Fourth Grade Writers.  I can say that we can write about our favorite everyday things that we like to write or think about.  For me, I like to write or think about primates, so one day I might make a blog post about primates.  That would make the blog more interesting.


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