I’ve had a lot of fun this year and learned a bunch, too.  Now, I have
to write what is my three favorite blogging challenges are.  They are:
Challenge 7, Challenge 6, and Challenge 4.

     I like Challenge 7 because my class got weebly blogs on that week, and the information on the challenge would be great to put on the All About Me page I have.  I can also practice my creative commons picture searching skills because two or more pictures were needed for the blog challenge.  I also liked that I can put links to things I like!  I like malasadas, so I put a link to the recipe.  Check out my post for this challenge here.

     I like Challenge 6 because I felt I worked a little harder than on the blog nomination one.  I went from website to website, viewing games and deciding whether or not they are educational.  Anyway, games are a familiar topic to many children, so it would be interesting.  I finally learned how to put a link in a word for this challenge.  Check out my post for this challenge here.

     I like Challenge 4 because if my posts would be ranked by how much work is spent with it, I would say this is the third.  I mean, I went to websites for information to put on the prezi!  I found pictures of reptiles I know!  I worked hard on this one!  I really did!  Check out my post for
this challenge here.

     Do you have any favorite blogging challenges?  Why?  Please comment

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