Liberty Science Center.  I went there just 4 days ago, and there was a lot to see and a lot to do.  There was also a lot to learn there.
     First, we went in the subway car where we learned about diseases like malaria and HIV.  There was a man that got malaria and he had to take medicine that fight off the disease.  Then, there was a woman in Zimbabwe who had HIV, and lost everything in her house.  She lost a container of clean water for her son, so she had to breastfeed him.  She thought that if she breastfed her son, he would get HIV as well.  But there were organizations that helped the woman by giving her medication, food, and shelter.  She was relieved to know that her son didn't get HIV.
     Next, we did an experiment about identifying which blood sample has a virus.  First, we had negative and positive controls, which tell you the result of the experiment and the droppers.  We also had blood samples 1, 2, and 3 with droppers.  We had to put 5 drops in each well, and we can't let the samples mix.  Next, we put in beads so the samples that have the virus stick to the beads.  Then, we put 2 drops of antibodies so they would fight the virus.  Finally, we put one drop of indicator so the samples with the virus would change color.  Samples 2 and the positive controls had the viruses.
     Finally, we watched TURTLE VISION 2: SAMMY'S ESCAPE.  The hidden message is that humans shouldn't poach or pollute sea turtles and their environment, because in the movie, the 2 sea turtles were put into a place where humans were trying to save the fish and sea turtles, but the fish wanted to escape.  The place began to feel like a prison to the fish, and the last method they tried to do was act dead.  They didn't need to pretend, because some fish can't survive any longer in the polluted water. The humans saw that the fish were dying in the water, so they decided to let them go.
     So, my trip was educational, but it was fun nonetheless.  I recommend you should go there if you want to learn more about science.
Have you ever went to a place and thought it was superbly spectacular?  What were your likes and dislikes about that place?

Liberty Science Center by drocpsu, on Flickr
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