To be a hero you should be kind, brave, and generous.  You have to be kind because what if someone is less fortunate than you and need your help?  Will you help them?  A true hero would help that person, like a police officer would help a woman track down the person who stole her money.  You have to be brave because what if a guy threatens someone that you know?  Do you want to take the risk and stand up against the man?  A hero would probably do that, like a student stands up against a school bully because the bully is taking stuff and threatening other people.  You have to be generous because what if a woman wants you to take a dollar?  Would you take the money?  A hero would say 'Sorry, but I don't want the money.  I work for free.'

     Some heroes I know of are policemen, firefighters, doctors, war veterans, volunteer groups, and even ordinary people!  Think of it: an ordinary man can save the life of an animal or a pet for someone else.  The person he helped may think of him as a hero.

     What do you think it takes to be a hero?


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